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Health & Wellness

A few Health & Wellness Projects over the years

2008 Working with Disability

This amazing man, who works everyday even with his handicap of Cerebral Palsy, has come into health issues that have effected his work this past month. Our donations has helped him to cover his monthly expenses while he recovers. Thank you to all of you who have found it in your hearts to help and donate this month to this important cause.

2008 Save Her Life

Thank you all for your generous donations to help with this amazing woman struggling for her life. Our donations will help her with a liver transplant that will save her life.

Aleena Angel

Center for Awakening donated $200 to this cause in July 2016

This beautiful little girl Aleena is my 8 year old. In this picture she is happy and healthy. Unfortunately, she is now very sick. She was recently diagnosed with a disease called Schjnlein Purpura which makes capillaries burst all over the skin, causing swelling and is extremely painful.

January 2016

Jean Jensen Fundraiser in January 2016

Thank you to all those who participated in the January 3rd event and fundraiser for Jean Jensen. Jean who has been teaching children for 18 years suffered a stroke in October and was hospitalized for three months is finally home and getting better and better at walking everyday. The $2,800 raised to help Jean will help her with her astounding medical bills and all the usual bills (mortgage, car payments etc. etc. etc.) while she has been unemployed. Your generous contributions has made a HUGE difference in Jean’s life, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

March 2013 Medical Bills No More

Our Center for Awakening family Raised $300 to help a woman in the community (Desires to remain unnamed) diagnosed with cancer with medical bills. Thank you all greatly for your generosity and compassion.

2012 Smile Train

 We Care Carly

📷Carly Davis Needs your help! She is only 17 years old!Carly Davis is a 17 yr. old teenager living here in Salt Lake City who was diagnosed with 4th stage Ewings Sarcoma two yrs. ago. She underwent chemo and radiation for over a year with no hope of even getting through the treatment. She was able to be completely healed from her cancer, because of many prayers and the grace of God. Recently the cancer has returned and the doctors have told Carly that using chemo and radiation the second time will not be effective, they are giving her 6 months to 1 year to live with no treatment. It is Carly’s wish that she travel to Europe while she still feels good. Carly’s parents who are faced with huge medical bills and choosing to leave their jobs to travel with Carly this year are struggling to come up with the funds to make Carly’s wish to travel this year possible. Our project for March will be to raise money for Carly’s travel to Europe this coming year. It is our wish that this coming year is filled with joy, adventure, love and fascination for Carly.

Massage Fund Raiser

I will be donating all the money I earn from my Tuesday massage clients for the month of March until April 20 to We Care Carly. So call Bonnie at 801-694-0787 to schedule a massage on a Tuesday to create a healing experience for yourself, while also creating miracles and adventure for Carly.

Seeing the Princess

Meditations are always free, however if anyone feels inspired to give a love offering the proceeds will go toward our “Seeing the Princess” project for a 6 year old girl who is quickly losing her eyesight and would like to go to Disneyland and see the princess while she can.

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