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Serving the One Heart of Humanity Since 1997


Center for Awakening 100 % volunteer run, federally recognized 501 C 3 non-profit organization actively committed to serving impoverished villages, schools and orphanages globally.


Serving Youth, Ending Poverty...         One Child & One Community a a time.

We help homeless youth, impoverished schools, communities, orphanages, indigenous and medical centers in poverty stricken area's around the globe.  We are committed to a planet and a humanity that is abundant, free, healthy, compassionate and at peace.  We are deeply grateful to all our donors that help us to continue the great work we have been contributing since 1997.  We are also grateful for our volunteers that allow our organization to continue to help and heal our human race and planet.

Our History, serving since 1997

Our director and founder Bonnie Grace Elizabeth Gordon, affectionately called "Grace" by the children,  began serving in soup kitchens and donating to poverty causes since she was 10 years old. She began visiting nursing homes regularly and continued through college until she became a hospice volunteer. She volunteered serving handicapped children and adults in college and continues to this day.


In 1997 Grace founded Center for Awakening as a volunteer run non-profit organization after learning about over paid non-profit salaries, she and her two children John and Asia began traveling to Costa Rica, bringing food, clothing, school supplies and toys to impoverished villages and orphanages in the Costa Ballena & San Isidro areas in Costa Rica. Center for Awakening was founded as a volunteer run organization where 100 % of donations received went directly for community causes since 1997. Grace as a single mother served tirelessly for humanity and the poor refusing to take any salary, and is still going strong.  We have annual projects helping orphanages, schools, indigenous and medical needs globally. Locally Center for Awakening serves bi-monthly homeless youth dinners and projects serving orphanages and homeless youth. John, The Beloved began bringing homeless youth into their home since he was 12 years old. Their home was a mini homeless shelter until he went off to University.


Center for Awakening also supports and donates to other outstanding non profit organizations throughout the year.

Grace has led the organization as a volunteer Director from 1997 to Present, she has been director, administrator, social media, public relations, event coordinator, volunteer coordinator, accountant, promoter, webmaster, and marketing. 


Throughout the years Grace and her children have volunteered for many other organizations such as:

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Organizations Served

Center for Awakening

Partnering with One World Humanity

Serving the One Heart of Humanity Since 1997

We are a 100% Volunteer Run Federally Recognized 501 C 3 non-profit organization (EIN Tax Exempt # 87-0667743) serving the one heart of humanity since 1997.  We help multiple youth & poverty issues throughout the year on the local, national and international levels. 


Youth Outreach Projects:                     

Education & Schools

Youth & Orphanages

3rd World Villages

Homeless Teens

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