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Youth & Orphanages

Since 1997 we have been passionate about helping the children and the youth. Our director Grace Elizabeth housed many homeless youth throughout the years, and visiting and helping youth and orphanages has always been a priority. We visit and donate to orphanages, teen homeless shelters, and organizations that help the youth. 

We have helped orphanages and youth in the following countries:

United States

Costa Rica








A few of our past projects

Orphanages Project Costa Rica 2023

28 homeless boys aged from 4-14 years young. In the small city of San Isidro, Costa Rica 

we were able to help this non governmnt funded orphanage. We provided kitchen supplies, 

bedding, clothing, and toys. It was a hugely successful project!

Villages Project Costa Rica 2023

We helped the villages in Playa Dominicalito and surrounding areas with food packages, tarps,

clothing and love. We especially targeted squatter families along the beach.

Villages Project Costa Rica 2021

We brought food packages to three villages, Dominicalito, Platenello and San Juan Dios.

Schools Project Costa Rica 2019

We provided school supplies for the children of the small town of Playa Dominicalito.


Orphanage in Brazil

A two week visit to Brazil helping an orphanage with things they needed like fans, washer/dryer notebooks, balls, and games. We also were able to get to know all the children there and the last day we presented each child with personal gifts… race cars, din a super heroes, soccer balls for the boys and hair bows, talking dolls, barbies, and volleyballs for the girls. The children and staff were amazing and we shared great love.


Ongoing Homeless Teen Project

We donate new kangaroo baby carriers for homeless mothers and/or fathers with very young babies. We hope this makes a difference for these homeless teens with babies.


Womens Shelter

Our holiday fundraiser for 2015 is for the local Midvale, UT women's shelter where Grace volunteers teaching yoga. Thank you to all those who donated money and items as well as joined our large group in bringing the items to the shelter. It was a great event as we spent time providing the women with chair massage and nail treatments, as well as playing games and entertaining the children.


March 1015- Teen Homeless Shelter VOA, SLC, UT

Purchased and delivered many much needed baby items to the VOA, a local Salt Lake City teen homeless shelter. We donated baby carriers, toys, diapers, clothing, wipes, binkies, etc.


Toys for Tots December 2013:

Toys for Tots – Marine core toy drive. Bring your toys to the Transformation Station during business hours or to the Unity Church service Sunday at 10:30 am. (1111 Brickyard Rd SLC UT)


Ongoing Cozy Toes

In November we will once again be taking the “Grandparents” at the YWCA to the shoe store to purchase warm winter boots and socks.



Smile Train Project 2013, 2012, 2011


We will contribute all donations from January and February meditations to the Smile Train organization. Smile Train surgically repairs cleft pallet in children of foreign countries. All the doctors and medical assistants volunteer their time and expertise for these children, so the majority of the money donated to this charity goes to the children.



2011 God’s Littlest Angels Orphanage

Our project to support the Gods Littlest Angels orphanage in Haiti was a great success! They were very grateful for our donation, and it will be put to great use. Thank you all for your generosity, love and support. 


2011 We Care Carly

Carly Davis Needs your help! She is only 17 years old!Carly Davis is a 17 yr. old teenager living here in Salt Lake City who was diagnosed with 4th stage Ewings Sarcoma two yrs. ago. She underwent chemo and radiation for over a year with no hope of even getting through the treatment. She was able to be completely healed from her cancer, because of many prayers and the grace of God. Recently the cancer has returned and the doctors have told Carly that using chemo and radiation the second time will not be effective, they are giving her 6 months to 1 year to live with no treatment. It is Carly’s wish that she travel to Europe while she still feels good. Carly’s parents who are faced with huge medical bills and choosing to leave their jobs to travel with Carly this year are struggling to come up with the funds to make Carly’s wish to travel this year possible. Our project for March will be to raise money for Carly’s travel to Europe this coming year. It is our wish that this coming year is filled with joy, adventure, love and fascination for Carly.



2011 Seeing the Princess

Meditations are always free, however if anyone feels inspired to give a love offering the proceeds will go toward our “Seeing the Princess” project for a 6 year old girl who is quickly losing her eyesight and would like to go to Disneyland and see the princess while she can.


2009 Soles for Souls Charitable Project!

“Grandparents” are senior citizens who work year round in classrooms at the YWCA child care facility in downtown Salt Lake City. They receive way below minimum wage for their services and live on small social security incomes. We will purchase much needed winter shoes for all the grandparents at the YWCA. Field Trip On Wed. Dec. 2 at 1:30pm we will have a field trip and take the grandparents to a local shoe store to pick out their shoes. Anyone who would like to volunteer to be a part of this field trip please contact Bonnie or meet us at the YWCA on 344East 300 South at 1:30pm on December 2.


Uganda Martyrs Orphan Project

October 2008

Much outpouring of love and charity helping the children and staff at this beautiful orphanage in Uganda.

Our donations from Center for Awakening raised for the Uganda Martyrs Orphanage helped the increasing amounts of orphans left homeless and helpless due to the clashes in Kenya. The project provided food, shelter, medicine, and education to the orphans in Uganda .

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