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Education & Schools

We believe that education and schools are an important key to the evolution of the planet and human species. As we become more educated as a humanity, we become more aware and responsible stewards of our planet. We become more of service to humanity and we develop more skills, gifts and talents to contribute to the greater good of all.  We contribute to Heroes4Humanity Funds at the One World EVOLVE event every December.

Countries we have helped with schools and education:

United States

Costa Rica

South Sudan






A few of our past Education & School Projects



June 2014 School in Nicaragua

Center for Awakening was able to donate to Wynde Klauer’s granddaughter London to help build a school in Nicaragua. Thanks for all your support, blessings and love.



Library in Ethiopia Project

January 2011 Project

Great thanks to everyone who donated use books and love offerings to help build a library in Ethiopia, it couldn’t have been done without all your help. With special thanks to Rolf who donated three huge boxes of great used books. We raised $200 for Keith Keyser from the peace corps who has taken on the dream to build this library in a village called Finote Selam.

Center for Awakening also helped out two families for Christmas this year, which made a huge difference for both families.



December Project

Also we will have a used book fundraiser. Please bring your unwanted used books to donate, they are greatly appreciated. I went through all my books this week and have several great books including Deepak Chopra, Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsh, Debbie Ford, Pema Chodran, and much more that will be for sale for a donation of 2 or more dollars. All proceeds will go towards the library in Ethiopia. Our next fundraiser is the YouTube below.



2007 San Juan Dios School, Costa Rica



What a joy it was to bring an abundance of school supplies, food, and PE items to the very remote San Juan Dios village school. Using their porta potties and helping them with some minor school repairs and fix ups was a memorable occasion for all who attended. Much love and gratitude, another great and successful Center for Awakening project that will surely make a difference for the school for many years to come.

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