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Poverty & Animals

We are committed to ending poverty on planet earth, and having a planet where all her inhabitants thrive. We do this through our projects and service work, feeding the homeless monthly, collecting for the local food banks, helping at the homeless shelters as well as our larger projects bringing food and basic necessities to under developed villages every year. We also include the animals by serving and helping wonderful organizations and no kill shelters locally and internationally.

A few organizations and projects we have served over the years:



Guide Dogs of Utah


Humane Society of Utah


No kill animal shelter


Ching Farm Animal Rescue



2015 Lepar Colony in India


May 2014: Local Utah Charities

  • Buffalo Blessings by Jan Magner

  • Make a Wish Foundation  by Carla Davis

  • Utah Interfaith Power and Light reducing carbon footprint on our planet… suggested by Alan Neuman

  • Shift Before You Create offering non-violence programs in Utah school… suggested by Eric Ferguson

  • VOA homeless shelter… suggested by John Delaney

  • Safe and Sound youth homeless shelter…. suggested by David Anderson

  • Guide Dogs of Utah…. suggested by Syndi Spencer

  • Odyssey House helping people with addictions… suggested by Deon Elangovan

  • Humane Society of Utah… suggested by Cori Maack


2008 Peace Corps

$2000 raised for Peace Corps library in Ethiopia, thanks!


February 2014: Marshall Island Project

Provided supplies for the small village of Lea in the Marshal Islands to help them gather food, prepare food and store food. 



January 2014: Educate Africa 

Financial donation to help African children receive an education.


2003-2017 Villages in Costa Rica:

We continue to take regular trips to Costa Rica helping poor remote villages and families that are in great need of back necessities.

2007-2013 Women to Women Organization

We sponsored two women in the Congo for an entire year, through the Women to Women organization. We have received two letters from each woman. I will have the letters available to read on the kitchen table at the monthly meditation.


Ongoing: Toys for Tots 

Marine core toy drive. Bring your toys to the Transformation Station during business hours or to the Unity Church service Sunday at 10:30 am. (1111 Brickyard Rd SLC UT)

Cozy Toes

Boots for the elderly grandparents at the YWCA

Heat Assistance

Helping low-income families with heating bills.

Food Bank

Bring food items to Unity Church service Sunday at 10:30 am.


2013 Inviting India


Center for Awakening donated several thousand dollars to poor villages in India



Ongoing: Road Home


Center for Awakening delivered several truck loads of Christmas toys and clothes donated to the Road Home, homeless shelter


Ongoing: Food Bank donations


Friend Faye

February Project 2011


A good friend of Gary Nordgren recently had a house fire which took the life of her father and burned the entire house down. Faye’s work depends on a computer, so we will raise money to help Faye purchase a new computer. Raised $1,250.



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